Our Specialties

With over 30 years of experience in the home improvement and interior decorating industry, the team at Broadway WestSide Story Painting Blog have seen and worked on just about everything.

Our team do bring a few specialized skills to the table however, and you can expect to find articles revolving around these the most.

Floor Painting

We have extensive experience painting all types of flooring materials to create long lasting and beautiful finishes.

Commercial Painting

Learn the ins and outs of commercial painting applications, the differences when compared to residential painting, and more!

Exterior Residential Painting

Learn how to properly prime, paint and seal the exteriors of homes and other buildings. We also have experience with fences and other materials.

Painting Equipment

Ever wondered what type of paint is best for the job you have at hand, or what type of equipment to use to get it done? We can help with that!

DIY Painting Tips

Get tips from experienced DIYers that will help transform your painting projects from sloppy messes into works of art!